ARC Trooper Echo

Hey guys, BrikSmith Customs here! And I’m back with another one of my custom clones.


This time we have ARC Trooper Echo. He features water-slide decals designed by Laurengolego99, a CAC printed helmet and a CAC Trooper Blaster. The kama and pauldron were printed and cut out of photo paper.

Here are some more views:





Thank you all for reading! I’ll be posting a link to my YouTube channel as soon as I get that running, which will have a full 360 view and review of this figure and more. Stay tuned!

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Water-slide Decals & Phase 2 Rex!

Hey everyone! BrikSmith Customs here! Sorry it’s been awhile, I got busy with school and blogging fell to the wayside, and I haven’t picked it back up again until now. During the past few months, I’ve made some considerable improvements and changes to how I make my customs, so they are a much higher quality.


These are printed decals. Decals are computer images that you print out. They have all the marking and symbols printed so you don’t have to draw or paint them. Water-slide decals are a thin plastic film over a backing with a water-based glue holding them together. When you dip it in water, the glue softens enough to get it off the backing and onto the LEGO piece. The glue hardens on the LEGO piece, creating high-quality customs.


This is my custom Phase 2 Captain Rex from seasons 4 and 5 of The Clone Wars. He was made using water-slide decals made by Laurengolego99. The kama was a LEGO fabric kama from the ARC Trooper Battle Pack painted blue around the edges. The pauldron was printed onto photo paper and cut out. The helmet is a Clone Army Customs (CAC) printed helmet and I added the weld-marks. He also carries 2 CAC DC-15 pistols.

The head is a LEGO Captain Rex head with the neck black to complete the full body glove that the clones wear.


Here are some alternate views:




Thanks for reading! I’ll be getting my YouTube account going soon where you can see a full 360 view of the figure along with a review. Check back for some more updates and figures!

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What Is a Custom LEGO Minifigure?

What is a Custom LEGO Minifigure? Well, first, what is a minifgure? Minifigures are characters created by LEGO who interact with the models and the LEGO world. For example, in the theme Power Miners, there were miners and rock monsters. Or in the theme The Lord of the Rings, there are characters like Gandalf and Frodo.

In Star Wars (my favorite theme), there are Clone Troopers. I am a big fan of all the Clones. This is the best example of customization. Say I have a plain white Clone Trooper from one of my sets. My favorite Clone is, for example, Commander Cody. I want a Commander Cody to play with. This is LEGO minifigure customization. I would modify my plain Clone Trooper and turn him into Commander Cody with all his orange markings.


My next post will be about how I got started. I hope you’ll join me!

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Welcome to BrikSmith Customs!

Hey guys! And welcome to BrikSmith Customs! This is my new blog where I will be sharing my custom LEGO minifgures and MOCs. So I’ll see you around! I hope you’ll stick around and see my custom LEGOs!


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